How to soften the boundaries within a matrix

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I have a matrix M, size N1xN1, which only has positive integers, and is delimited by zones, as seen in the following picture created using image(M) (I changed the colormap and the axes, but that is not relevant for this question)
What I would like to know if there is a way to soften the boundaries between each area, i.e., that the curves do not seem discretized, but interpolated.
Thanks in advnace for any help

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Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 21 Feb 2022
You can blur the matrix and rediscretize it.
windowWidth = 9;
kernel = ones(windowWidth) / windowWidth^2;
blurredImage = conv2(M, kernel, 'same');
% Now call discretize to quantize into the levels you had.
Andres Salomon Fielbaum Schnitzler
Edited: Andres Salomon Fielbaum Schnitzler on 22 Feb 2022
Thanks Image Analyst. It was late in my time zone, so I did not connect back yesterday. I am now attaching the 'answers.mat' file, and also the code to create the figure just in case it helps.
Where did you attach the mentioned demo?

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