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Reshaping a 2D Timetable to a 3 D timetable

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Hi everyone
I have five minutes resolution timetable with 20 entries which makes the whole TT to be of the dimensions 17596 by 20
I would like to obtain a 3D TT from this data such that I have 61 by 288 by 20. Is there a way to do that while retaining the TT attributes of the data?
I have tried reshaping as shown below
A_reshape= (A, 61,288,20)
%It returns an error
% Error using tabular/reshape (line 194)
%Undefined function 'reshape' for input arguments of type 'timetable'.

Accepted Answer

Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 2 Mar 2022
No. In MATLAB, table() objects including timetable() objects are strictly 2 dimensions.

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