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Errors occurred during parsing of MATLAB function

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I am trying to change the phase angle of the three phase source during simulation time. For this I intend on using a function block. Can you validate whether the application is correct. I am getting an error. I am not sure whether I am using the simulation time correctly. And do I need to add a line in matlab main script too?
I have used the following code in Matlab function block
function fcn(t)
phase=get_param('threebus/Three-Phase Source', 'PhaseAngle');
if (t>=5) && (t<=6);
phase2 = phase+1;
set_param('threebus/Three-Phase Source', 'PhaseAngle', num2str(phase2)); % write the name of your simulink model/block name
Muhammad Saad
Muhammad Saad on 7 Mar 2022
Thankyou for your response. It was helpful and I have tried implementing this. I am getting an error, it would be great if you could point out what am I doing wrong here. (note: I changed the time to t>=10 and t<11)
I implemented the following logic on simulink and added the following lines in the matlab script:
ph_a= get_param('threebus/Three-Phase Source', 'PhaseAngle');
ph_new=set_param('threebus/Three-Phase Source', 'PhaseAngle', str2double(ph_a)+ph_j);
Error in threebusmodel (line 15):
ph_new=set_param('threebus/Three-Phase Source', 'PhaseAngle', str2double(ph_a)+ph_j);
Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 7 Mar 2022
With the logic I proposed, you would not have any set/get at all.
But in any case: the set_param very likely (but not completely certainly) requires that you send it a character vector.
I am not clear at the moment as to whether the get_param is going to return a character vector or a numeric value.
If it returns a character vector then str2double() of that would be fine, and adding a number to the result would be fine, but you would have to num2str() or equivalent for the set_param() call.
... But as I said,you should not need that code at all. Do not change the properties of PhaseAngle, just add the appropriate correction to it before using the value.
The logic you drew would be plausible if ph_new were threebus/Three-Phase Source/PhaseAngle . You could use a GoTo if you are inside the same subsystem. You could use a GoTo in theory between subsystems, but that is typically not a good idea: better would be to have the value as an OutPort and connect the port as appropriate.

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