A Terminal User Interface (TUI) for a Matlab application

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Out of curiosity, does Matlab make it possible to write a Terminal User Interface (TUI) for an application? Even interfacing with Matlab from another language to make this possible would be acceptable. I would prefer this over a Graphical User Interface for work which does not require visualizing things, as it would be simpler to do remote work via SSH and not have to bother with VNC and the like.
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Nivedita on 8 Dec 2023
Edited: Nivedita on 8 Dec 2023
Could you tell about the type of application? WIll it be a standalone application?

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VINAYAK LUHA on 9 Jan 2024
Edited: VINAYAK LUHA on 9 Jan 2024
Hi Santtu,
I understand that you wish to build a terminal user interface for a MATLAB application.
Since the functional requirements of the application is scarce. I assume that you want to have the basic functionality of being able to interface your application with OS specific languages like shell/powershell or with any other programming language,Further you may also want to be able to call and pass parameters to MATLAB functions, retrive output from them etc.
Following are some ways to achieve the above objective:
  1. For interfacing with OS specific languages such as shell/powershell you may use the MATLAB startup options to invoke MATLAB code from shell/powershell, this works even with the MATLAB GUI disabled. More info regarding this method can be found in this documentation- https://www.mathworks.com/help/matlab/matlab_env/startup-options.html
  2. For interfacing with languages such as C/Java and Python you may use MATLAB Engine and APIs for these language, more details on how to accomplish the previous can be found in the following documentation https://www.mathworks.com/help/matlab/external-language-interfaces.html
Hope this answers your query on how to build a terminal based user interface for an application.
Vinayak Luha


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