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I am new to Matlab. I am making a formula/syntax book as a part of my club activity. I was finding logics for implementing loops in matlab without actually using loops. Is there any other way?
Is there any other way of writing by not using for loop in matlab
t = linspace(10, 1000, 100);
for 1:n
eq = @(x) (N + x)/(y(n) + k) + N*x*exp(-(t(n)));
%Say we need to find the range of values of solution of eq for all values of range
%n. N, k are constants.
%Is it possible to implement the same without for loop

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Accepted Answer

Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 14 Mar 2022
syms t N k x
T = linspace(10, 1000, 100).';
y = 1 + t^2;
eqn = (N + x)/(y + k) + N*x*exp(-(t))
eqn = 
sol_x = solve(eqn, x)
sol_x = 
sols_x = subs(sol_x, t, T);
ans = 
ans = 
vpa(limit(sols_x(end), N, 1))
ans = 
vpa(limit(sols_x(end), N, inf))
ans = 
Amy Topaz
Amy Topaz on 14 Mar 2022
Thank you so much for detailed explanation

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