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Is it possible to start MATLAB Drive from a startup script

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I do not want MATLAB Drive running the the background of my machine all the time and as a result I was hoping to start MATLAB Drive from my startup.m script. Is there a way that I can do this. Looking at the documentation I do not think there is a built in command in MATLAB.
Is there a way to run windows commands from the startup script?
Are there commands to stop and start MATLAB Drive on windows like there is on linux?

Answers (1)

Gareth on 16 Mar 2022
Hi James,
While there's not a supported command that you can use to start or stop MATLAB Drive Connector on Windows, a possible solution for you could be to just click the MATLAB Drive button when you start MATLAB. That same help link also details the pause/resume functionality of MATLAB Drive Connector which you could use to stop and restart the application from synchronizing your files according to your needs.
Does that help for your workflow?
Best wishes,


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