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The correct way of importing data from a specific format

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Hello all,
In my project I have a set of files with a specific format (.acs). I saved the files as .txt format, (because I couldn't find a better way) and then imported them by importdata function. But I can see that the imported data is different from the original .acs files. (I'm almost sure that its because I copied the files from .acs to .txt, and its why it's not working properly.)
So, what is the correct way to import data from a specific format like the one in my project?
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Negar on 19 Dec 2014
I tried to use load, but the files include a special character at the header (#) that makes the load impossible to work (the columns are not of equal length, because of that character). So, is there any way to get read of that character? I tried the load after removing that character manually and it works, but its not easy to remove for 1340 files! Any suggestion appreciated!

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Orion on 19 Dec 2014
I don't know this .acs extension, but if it just contains some text, you can use textscan :
fid = fopen('YourFilePath.acs');
AcsContent = textscan(fid,'%s','delimiter','\n');
% see the content in the command window

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