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PID controller for a real-time plant system.

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Hello everyone,
Im trying to make a PID controller to control the magnitude of displacement of a shaker device. There is a piezo-acceleromter placed on the shaker, with it i can measure the displacement that is caused after feeding the system with a sine wave with a certain magnitude.
I tried looking for examples and tutorials online, but i have only found examples for an offline plant system. They build the transfer function with comparing the input and output signal with system identification tool. But unfortunatly i didn't find any examples for Designing a controller when the plant system is available.
I've been looking everywhere in the internet for three days and im really furstrated. I will be very happy if someone can provide ideas or solution for my problem. Or if you can send me a link where i can find useful information about it.
Ali Albaidhani
Ali Albaidhani on 28 Mar 2022
Do i need a plant transfer function? Can't i directly make the controller with the physical system?
Mathieu NOE
Mathieu NOE on 28 Mar 2022
well you can do a direct design based for example on the Ziegler Nichols method - if you know how to generate the stimulus signals to feed your system.
If you are able to send tests signals and measure your system response, why not buiild a model of your system and then first do some simulations ? once you feel ok with the sim then you can try for real

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