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How do I measure the load anglecorrectly for the following VSC configuration?

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I am trying to perform a stability study for VSC connected to an equivalent grid on SIMULINK. I need to extract the load angle from the implemented control of VSC(droop) and subtract it with the angle from phasor of grid voltage. The idea is to plot the (P-delta) curves and examine how the operating point changes during transients. The load angle extracted from the control is linearly increasing with time, and doesnt show any changes when a voltage sag is introduced. I have attached the screenshots, any leads on what is wrong? The plot is for delta

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Joel Van Sickel
Joel Van Sickel on 5 May 2022
Hello Muhammad,
unfortunately, if this is involved in a feedback loop, the problem could be anything in the loop and a screenshot of just one portion probably won't provide enough informaion to determine was is wrong. That math in Simulink is doing exactly what it should, so either the information coming into is wrong, or the information coming out of it is being used wrong. The fact that delta is linearly increasing means that the error is not changing, so this control system is likely not reducing the error between p_m and p_set or is doing is very slowly. However, your p_m and p_set values are an oder of magnitude apart, so that might also be part of the problem. Maybe your p_set needs to ramp slower to the desired value isntead of a step change? It's very dependent on the control system and physical properties of the system wether you can apply a step change to a reference and have it perform as desired.




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