writecell does not work properly after invoking and closing actxserver

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Hi folks,
i have some strange behavior after switching to office 365.
My former workflow, which consists of a huge number of alternating commands involving writecell, writematrix and starting and deleting excel via actxserver (Excel = actxserver('Excel.Application');doSomeStuff.m;invoke(Workbook, 'Save');invoke(Excel, 'Quit');delete(Excel);), happens to crash/stop due to "unable to write to file" error.
Indetail, the error message says
Unable to write to file 'C:\Users\ekorsaw\Desktop\check.xlsx'. You may not have write permissions or the file may be open by another application.
This did not happen before changing to office365.
Any idea how to force matlab to close the excel document after each access command?

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