Empirical CDF with data containing left censored, exact and right censored failures.

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My data consists of left censored, exact failures and right censored points. I am trying ecdf by considering data in two different forms.:
  1. I create data as two column matrix. for left censored i use [-Inf, observed value], for exact failures i use [observed value, observed value] and for right censored i use [observed value, Inf] as per the documentation. and now I do [f,x] = ecdf[Data]
  2. Next I create a single column vector of my Data, and I create a second vector as censoring data and use -1 for left censored, 0 for exact and 1 for right censored. I calculate the cdf using [f,x] = ecdf[Data1,'Censoring',censoring_data_vector;
According to documention, ecdf ignores if the data is two colum matrix and performs cdf calculations, other wise uses the censoring information. Both should be exactly same but i get totally different answers and i believe the first one is giving more reasonable answers than the second one. Please help what am I doing wrong in my second method? Thanks in advance. I can provide the data if someone wants to try it.

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