how to show points?

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ker fang fang
ker fang fang on 19 Jan 2015
Answered: Anju on 1 Oct 2022
hi, i have these points, (10,90),(70,90),(10,30),(70,30). how do i plot in matlab? i want the display graph to be showing those points. can anyone hep me?
the axis
axis([0 100 0 100]);
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ker fang fang
ker fang fang on 19 Jan 2015
sorry, i got it already. but another question. once i plot thoe points. how to i scatter other random points around those points?
this the way to plot points. but how do i make other random points scatter around it?
x = [10 10 70 70];
y = [30 90 30 90];
plot(x, y, 'o');
axis([0 100 0 100]);

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Answers (2)

Chris Barnhart
Chris Barnhart on 19 Jan 2015
This is an answer. Not sure its what you wanted.
x = [10 10 70 70]; y = [30 90 30 90]; % make some random vectors 100x4 nrp = 100; r1=10* (rand(nrp, length(x)) - 0.5); r2=10* (rand(nrp, length(x)) - 0.5);
% extend x and y into 100x4 then add the random variable rx = repmat(x, nrp, 1) + r1; ry = repmat(y, nrp, 1) + r2;
plot(x, y, 'o', rx, ry,'.');
Here the random points fill a square block around the points. If you want a circular region, generate a random r and a random angle, then convert to x and y. If you want a density to drop off, thats a bit more difficult.

Anju on 1 Oct 2022
v= [1:1:10]
t= [11:1:20]
plot(v, t)


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