applicationCompiler fileset.resources vs fileset.depfun

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Anyone know how the applicationCompiler decides when a source file is classed as a resource vs a regular dependency? I have a set of similar files - all contain constants used by various source files and a few static methods? Some of these are under <fileset.resources> and some under <fileset.depfun> in the PRJ file with no obvious rule for which goes where that I can figure out?

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Ravi on 23 Jan 2024
Hi Dave Watson,
The main difference between dependencies and resources is that:
Dependenices are necessary for the execution of application because the entry functions in the applications may invoke the functions in dependencies either directly or indirectly. In the case of resources, they are required in order to execute the application properly but are not found out during the static code analysis phase.
fileset.resources stores those flies that are required but the compiler could not automatically detect. Instead, they can be mentioned manually. fileset.depfun contains those files that the compiler has identified as dependencies.


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