For some reason, these two arguments are not equal...

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Hey everyone,
I do have a bit of a weird issue right now. I am currently on a project and I have got these arguments:
L0 = - (50*x^3)/21 + (50*x^2)/7 - (269*x)/42 + 11/7 and the L0 from the "Solutions" which is actually : -1/0.42*(x^3-3*x^2+2.69*x-0.66)
These two equations are perfeclty equals, in fact whenever I apply the function "isequal", it gives me as an outcome 1.
However whenever I try to multiply both of them with a value y0 (which is 1.6094) they are completely different and totally not equal. My question now is how ???? And also, is there perhaps a way in Matlab to make my L0 look like the L0 from the actualy solution?
Thanks in advance !
Jan on 15 May 2022
@LUCA GIROTTI: Please post the code, which reproduces your observation. Then we can search for the difference.
"they are completely different and totally not equal." - Luckily they are not just a little bit not equal ;-)

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