Query regarding battery modeling

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Songkai Yang
Songkai Yang on 27 May 2022
Answered: Sabin on 3 Jan 2023
Hello anybody,
now I'm trying to build a Li-ion battery model, in which I used FFRLS to identify parameters inside battery and UKF to estimate SOC.
However an error happened as showed below when model was running:
How could this problem be solved? I guess the data perhaps not suitable or anything else wrong.
In attachment the script and modeling file could be found.
please help me to solve it. many thanks in advance.
Best regards

Answers (1)

Sabin on 3 Jan 2023
The problem is soc vector used as breakpoint in lookup tables. The values of breakpoints must be strictly monotonically increasing. However, first 10 elements in soc vector are the same (0.3210). Best to keep only one value of 0.3210 in the soc vector and adjust the R0 and ocv vectors accordingly. I hope this helps.


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