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James on 3 Oct 2011
Hi I have this code. It produces a 30 year sliding window for my data. The data is daily over around 230 year and the code puts it in a cell array 208x1 with each cell around 10958x1 and I'm having an issue with cell2mat whereby it takes all of my data and puts it in one column rather than the 208 it should be in. How can I solve this?
%%Data Loading
close all
clear all
cet = load ('cet_1772_2009.asc', '-ascii'); % Loads CET from asc file.
year = cet(:,1);
temp = cet(:,4);
day = cet(:,3);
month = cet(:,2);
% Loads Data from CET asc file and sets vectors
%%Constants and vectors
dates = datenum([year,month,day]);
%%30 Year Periods
for Year=StartYear:(EndYear-Period)
%%Detrend, mean etc
meancell = cellfun(@(T32)mean(T32),T32,'un',0);
meanT = cell2mat(meancell);
detrendcell = cellfun(@detrend,T32,'UniformOutput',false);
detrendcell = cell2mat(detrendcell);
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James on 3 Oct 2011
10958x1 is an estimate, 30 year periods vary in length by 1 or 2 days due to leap years

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Accepted Answer

Fangjun Jiang
Fangjun Jiang on 3 Oct 2011
The cells in your data meancell and detrendcell have different length of data, that is why they have to be in a cell array. You can reference its data using {} and (), meancell{2}(100) for example. Why do you want to use cell2mat()? What is the purpose and your expected outcome?
James on 3 Oct 2011
For example I need to access each value in the array to check if it is greater than a certain value. However I can't get an if statement does not appear to work with a cell array
Here's my code for this:
for m=1:208
for n=1:10959
if detrendcell{m}(n)>mu(m)
burstdur(m,n) = 1;
and the error I get is:
??? Undefined variable "detrendcell" or class "detrendcell".
Error in ==> Untitled2 at 43
if detrendcell{m}(n)>mu(n)
James on 3 Oct 2011
My bad that was an issue with something else, it just appeared that way. Thanks for all your help guys, has been very useful!

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