Boundary detection using Machine/Deep learning

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I have the following x and y points that make a shape, however the points are not in order and when using a line plot all the lines intersect and move randomly. Is there a way to use machine/deep learning to order the points so that the shapes are accurately drawn.
Ahmed Abdulla
Ahmed Abdulla on 9 Jun 2022
  1. The points are generated from an STL mesh where the points are imported into MATLAB
  2. I have looked into this but unfortunately that wasnt possible
  3. I would like the code to work for any shape given to it
  4. Where the closest point interms of distance isnt the logical position to transition to
KSSV on 9 Jun 2022
Edited: KSSV on 9 Jun 2022
Attach your stl file.
You have not answered how and where this stl file is generated? Point 4 is not clear to me.

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