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How to save an app property to an .m file?

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I'm working on an app in App Designer and have created a public property that is assigned a folder path as a char. The path can be edited/changed via an edit field and needs to be saved to a file for future reference, however, when I try to save I recieve an error saying the property is not a scalar structure. I test the property to confirm it is a structure and is scalar, which give results of 1. So, I'm confused what is wrong.
app.dataPaths.projectFolder = app.ProjectFolderEditField.Value;
app.ProjectFolderLabel.Text = '';
st = isstruct(app.dataPaths);
sc = isscalar(app.dataPaths);
% Save the new dataPath variable
Any help or suggestions are appreciated.

Accepted Answer

Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 29 Jun 2022
When you save() with -struct then the name that you give must be the name of a full variable.
That is, copy app.dataPaths to a variable and save the variable.

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