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How to execute an operating system command and return output in matlab app designer with a button?

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I have this old matlab gui interface which I imported to the app designer. Here, I was using the command Status=system('OpenSees.exe gravity.tcl'); for a button and it works perfectly.
Now I am trying to recreate this old interface using the new app designer with the same code. But this code doesn't work the same way, as I get the following legend in the command window : 'OpenSees.exe' is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file.
The exe file works fine and its located inside the same folder as the code and app code
Jan on 9 Jul 2022
The message means, that the OpenSees.exe file is not found. Where is it? Prefer provideing the path:
Status=system('C:\Path\To\Your\OpenSees.exe gravity.tcl');
Heirleking on 9 Jul 2022
Edited: Heirleking on 9 Jul 2022
Both the old GUI and the new one with the app designer are on the same folder with the OpenSees.exe file. Why does one run it and the other doesn't? Or is there a different code I have to use for the app designer? I have seen it changes a lot when comparing it to the exported one from GUI.
After restarting MATLAB it ran for both codes

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