How to simulate a DAB open loop in Simscape?

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Prashant Mishra
Prashant Mishra on 21 Jul 2022
Answered: Sabin on 15 Dec 2022
I am trying to simulate a DAB converter in simscape so that I can run linear analysis on it. I'm learning to use this linear analysis tool for control system design. I have not really used simscape before and am finding a bit difficulty using the solver blocks. For this current model, I am trying to simulate the model shown in picture 1.
Picture 1
It only simulates if i have a ground(electrical reference block) connected on each side of the transformer. If not, I get an error as shwon in picture 2.
Picture 2
When I put ground on both sides, I get 0 as my output. So, can someone help me find the mistake I'm doing here? Any suggestion/comment will definetely of good help.
Thank you!

Answers (1)

Sabin on 15 Dec 2022
An electrical reference is required each side of the transformer. The output 0 might be related to the way you define gate signals, or the parameterization of the components used in the model. I suggest looking at the following example in Simscape electrical:
I hope this helps.




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