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Shared Tiledlayout colorbar for R2020a

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So there is a fast method for versions R2020b and after to place a shared colorbar. But I have 2020a. How can a shared colorbar be placed without the colorbar.Layout property ?

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Nivedita on 7 Sep 2023
Hi Alessandro,
I understand that you are looking for an alternative way to create a shared Colorbar in MATLAB R2020a which does not support the “colorbar.Layout” property.
You can work around this issue by utilising the “colorbar.Position” property. Here is an example:
[X,Y] = meshgrid(-5:.5:5);
Z1 = X.^2 + Y.^2;
Z2 = Z1 + 50;
Z3 = Z1 + 100;
Z4 = Z1 - 50;
% Create the main figure and axes for your plots
fig = figure();
% Generate the plots and store their handles
ax(1) = subplot(2,2,1);
ax(2) = subplot(2,2,2);
ax(3) = subplot(2,2,3);
ax(4) = subplot(2,2,4);
set(ax, 'Colormap', jet, 'Clim', [-50, 150]);
% Reposition colorbar to the figure's left edge by manually using the Position property
cbh.Position(1) = 0.93;
cbh.Position(2) = 0.05;
cbh.Position(3) = 0.02;
cbh.Position(4) = 0.9;
In the above code, I have generated a sample data and used the “subplot” function to achieve the tiled view of the plots. I have stored their handles in the “ax” variable to use it later to assign a shared colormap for the generated plots using the “set” function.
Then, the Colorbar handles has been stored in the “cbh” variable. To achieve the shared Colorbar, I have manually used the “Position” property to reposition the Colorbar to the left edge of the figure and changed its dimensions.
Here is what the output looks:
For more information about the “colorbar.Position” property, you can refer to the following documentation link: Colorbar.Position
I hope this helps!


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