Is the Image Acquisition toolbox compatible with Epix PIXCI frame grabbers?

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I am using an Epix PIXCI frame grabber, but the Image Acquisition toolbox is unable to detect it. Would any of the Image Acquisition Support Packages enable compatibility?
Also, the computer I am using must remain offline, therefore, I have to use standalone installation files that do not require an internet connection. How can I install a support package on a computer without internet? The mlpkginstall files in the File Exchange still require an internet connection for download. Is there an alternative?

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ag on 10 Nov 2023
Hi Calvin,
I understand that you want to use the “Epix PIXCI Frame grabberwith the Image Acquisition toolbox. The list of supported hardware’s for the Image Acquisition toolbox can be found on the product page.
As “Epix PIXCI Frame grabber” is not listed in the supported hardware’s, you can Check with your hardware’s manufacturer to see if they provide a GenTL producer for the USB3 camera, as Image Acquisition Toolbox can acquire images from the USB3 camera via the GenICam GentTL support.
To install a toolbox on an offline machine, please refer to the following MATLAB answer:
For more details, please refer to the below product pages:
Hope this helps!
Best Regards,
Aryan Gupta
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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 10 Nov 2023
epix does not appear to support any of the interfaces used by Image Acquisition
Their library provides dll and NET interfaces including matlab function files to call into their dll. For Windows and Linux.

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