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Problem while reading multiple images from a file

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Hello everyone!
I am trying to read some images from a file and have written this code:
outLoopValues = [1.5, 2.0, 2.5] % Whatever values you want.
for m = 1 : length(outLoopValues)
index = outLoopValues(m);
I = imread('Im - %.1fcm.png', m);
targetSize = [960 960];
r = centerCropWindow2d(size(I),targetSize);
J = imcrop(I,r);
but i get this error:
Error using imread>get_full_filename (line 567)
File "Im - %.1fcm.png" does not exist.
The problem seems to be that the values that are paased to m in the for loop are not 1.5 etc but 1.500 so when it tries to find my image which is named Im - 1.5cm it cant because m is 1.500 and not 1.5
Do you know how to fix this?

Accepted Answer

David Hill
David Hill on 26 Jul 2022
Edited: David Hill on 26 Jul 2022
I = imread(sprintf('Im - %.1fcm.png', m));

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