Extend the labels array to full 2D area

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AMEN BARGEES on 29 Jul 2022
Commented: AMEN BARGEES on 29 Jul 2022

I have a 2D data 460by950 and I reshaped it to 10by10by4370 and used it for Testing my network. The input is 10by10 matrix and the output is one label array 4370by1 categorical. I need to expand these labels to the original data size 460by950. data=reshape(data,10,10,[]); dim3= size(data,3); Label=[]; for i=1:dim3 YPred= classify(net,data(:,:,i)); Label=[Label;YPred]; end

AMEN BARGEES on 29 Jul 2022
It can be reshaped to 46by95 but its something different, maybe because of the way I am using to input my data.

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