Dynamic input to the gpu cuda kernel generated from gpu coder application

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Hi all
Is it possible to change the parameter in the gpu cuda kernal generated from the gpu coder matlab application during execution?
I need to chaange the input parameter for the calcualtion during the run time with the same code.
If yes, can you elloborate on the steps to give dynamic input control to the kernel function.
is command line argument for controlling some parameters in ELF is possible?
Thanks in advance
Gayathri Sankaran
Gayathri Sankaran on 7 Sep 2022
hi Ram
Thanks for the response.
So during code generation step it is possible to give input argument. In executable file, it is not possible to change its input parameters.
My requirement is to change the input parameter durign the run time.
This is my understanding from the document i referred for the gpu coder.

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