How can I change the data in lat lon and time format so that I can make a spatial map

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Usually we make spatial plots by : h=pcolor(LON,LAT,Data); in this format. But in the new data, they have XC and YC, the projections in the x axis and the y axis. I want to plot the ice_conc variable here from the attached datafile. But I cannot use the present code or the pcolor function as the ice_conc has the form XC x YC x time format, not the lat x lon x time format.
How can I change the ice_conc in lat lon and time format so that I can make a spatial map

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KSSV on 26 Aug 2022
The ncfile has lon and lat information.
ncfile = '';
lon = ncread(ncfile,'lon') ;
lat = ncread(ncfile,'lat') ;
xc = ncread(ncfile,'xc') ;
yc = ncread(ncfile,'yc') ;
ice_conc = ncread(ncfile,'ice_conc');
shading interp
Mikhil on 22 Sep 2022
You can try out the function km2deg to resolve this issue:

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