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Why do I keep received failed to generate binary output error?

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Sugandhi on 7 Jun 2023
Hi Noor Amira Ilyanie,
I understand that you are receiving binary output error.
The error message you provided is related to a compilation or linking issue in MATLAB. It seems that the code is trying to reference the `fopen` function, but the linker is unable to find the definition for that function.
Here are a few possible reasons for this error:
1. Missing library or header file: Make sure you have included the appropriate header file (`stdio.h` in this case) and linked against the required library in your MATLAB code. The `fopen` function is part of the C standard library, so you may need to include the necessary header file and link against the standard library.
2. Incorrect function signature or usage: Verify that you are correctly using the `fopen` function with the appropriate arguments. The function expects a filename and a mode string as parameters. Ensure that you are passing the correct data types and values to the function.
3. Compiler or linker configuration issue: Check your MATLAB compiler and linker settings. Make sure the compiler is properly configured to include the necessary libraries and header files.
4. Code syntax or typo: Review your code for any syntax errors or typos. Double-check that you are using the correct function name (`fopen` in this case) and that there are no misspelled or missing characters.
It would be helpful to see the relevant parts of your MATLAB code and any associated compilation commands to provide more specific guidance.


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