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Problem in getting the data stored to SD card after running the hardware test using Arduino mega that are attached with mpu6050 accelerometer and also SD card.

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I have the simulink model of dc motor that are connected to arduino with the attachment of mpu6050 accelerometer and also sd card attach to it. I got a problem to get the acceleration reading. The reading should be stored in the sd card when the dc motor is running hardware. But the reading did not exist in the sd card after I checked it. Do you know how to get the data stored in sd card and how to get the data of the accelerometer through the sd card using arduino mega and also simulink block. Thanks in advance.

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Arun Kumar
Arun Kumar on 2 Sep 2022
Hi Noor Amira,
Please follow the follwing tutorial to log signals to SD card using Arduino hardware.
Hope this helps!




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