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What is the easiest way to import a text matrix into Matlab?

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I exported a symbolic matrix from Maple as a text file, and now want to import it to Matlab.
What is the easiest way to import it to Matlab?
Is there any special ready to use function to read it and put in a matrix?
Here I have put two line of that text file, which each line represents each raw of the (2*6) matrix.
x*y*z 1/2*tau[2] sin(x*y*z) ln(x*y*z) tau*exp(x*y*z) sin(x+y)+cos(x+y)
x^2+1 x^2+1/sin(x*y*z) 2*exp(y) tau diff(f(x,y,z),x) int(f(x,y,z),x)

Accepted Answer

Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 10 Sep 2022
readcell(FileNameGoesHere, 'delimiter', '\t')
readtable(FileNameGoesHere, 'delimiter', '\t', 'readvariablenames', false)
Have you considered using Maple's CodeGeneration[Matlab] function ?
Mehdi on 10 Sep 2022
Edited: Mehdi on 10 Sep 2022
I am looking for 2*6 symbolic matrix exactly similar to what was at Maple.
[x*y*z, 1/2*tau, sin(x*y*z), ln(x*y*z), tau*exp(x*y*z), sin(x+y)+cos(x+y);
x^2+1, x^2+1/sin(x*y*z), 2*exp(y), tau, diff(f(x,y,z),x), int(f(x,y,z),x)];
Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 10 Sep 2022
You would need to use str2sym() to convert the entries to symbolic.
However, your input includes '1/2*tau[2]' which is not valid MATLAB symbolic expression.
It also includes ln(x*y*z) -- remember that the MATLAB log is log() not ln()

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