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Question about the capabilities of AlexNet Deep Learning

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I am aware that AlexNet is capable of identifying objects in real-time using a camera. However, is it also possible for AlexNet to put some sort of mark that the software can identify so that it would be easier to see where the identified object is?
Below is an example on what I want to do with AlexNet:

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GandaBerunda on 16 Sep 2022
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Charlene Rabulan
Charlene Rabulan on 16 Sep 2022
It helped quite a bit. However, can you please tell me if the bounding box is possible to show in real-time monitoring?

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David Willingham
David Willingham on 16 Sep 2022
Alexnet is used for Image Classification. What you're looking for is models that can be used for Object Detection. There's a number of them available in MATLAB, check them out on the model hub:




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