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dsolve unable to find symbolic solution to sets of ODE

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Hi all,
I have been trying my hand at matlab recently and encountered an error while attempting to solve an ordinary differential equation. The equation I am trying to solve is in the picture attached.
I am getting like this after running this code
clear all;
close all;
syms g(x) u(t) x1(t) x2(t) x3(t) x4(t) x5(t) x6(t) x7(t) x8(t) x9(t) x10(t);
A =[-g(x1)-g(x1-x2)+exp(-t); g(x1-x2)-g(x2-x3);g(x2-x3)-g(x3-x4);g(x3-x4)-g(x4-x5);g(x4-x5)-g(x5-x6);g(x5-x6)-g(x6-x7);g(x6-x7)-g(x7-x8);g(x7-x8)-g(x8-x9);g(x8-x9)-g(x9-x10);g(x9-x10)]
ode1 = diff(x1,t)==[-g(x1)-g(x1-x2)];
ode2= diff(x2,t)== g(x1-x2)-g(x2-x3);
ode3= diff(x3,t)== g(x2-x3)-g(x3-x4);
ode4= diff(x4,t)== g(x3-x4)-g(x4-x5);
ode5= diff(x5,t)== g(x4-x5)-g(x5-x6);
ode6= diff(x6,t)== g(x5-x6)-g(x6-x7);
ode7= diff(x7,t)== g(x6-x7)-g(x7-x8);
ode8= diff(x8,t)== g(x7-x8)-g(x8-x9);
ode9= diff(x9,t)== g(x8-x9)-g(x9-x10);
ode10= diff(x10,t)== g(x9-x10);
S = dsolve(odes)
after running the code i am getting like this what should i do?
Warning: Unable to find symbolic solution.
> In dsolve (line 209)
In deexamp (line 18)
S =
[ empty sym ]

Accepted Answer

Torsten on 19 Sep 2022
The equations are much too difficult and the size of your ODE system is much too large to be solved symbolically.
Use a numerical solver, e.g. ODE15S.

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