Looking to find data in a spreadsheet via user prompts

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So this is a basic example of the spreadsheet I'm using. Basically I want to prompt the user firstly for a P value (10-100 in steps of 10) and then a Q value (either 33 or -33). I know how to prompt the user for values and store these as variables but I then want to select the relevant test case (3001-3020) based on the values of P and Q and store it in a variable, lets say 'CurrentTestCase'. Does this make sense?
For example, lets say the user inputs P = 80 and Q = 33, I want my script to be able to select the testcase 3018 and store '3018' in the varuable 'CurrentTestCase'. Many thanks

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dpb on 21 Sep 2022
Edited: dpb on 21 Sep 2022
For the above correlation (or any similar that is linear in the two variables), you can simply compute the case ID; you don't need a lookup--
If it is more generic and/or can change in ways other than obvious modifications to the above that can be derived programmatically, then just read the table and do a lookup inside it...you don't try to find the data inside the spreadsheet itself, but work on the in-memory data of the table.
% input P,Q, here...
CurrentTestCase=tCASIDS.TestCases(tCASIDS.("P%")==P & tCASIDS.("Q%")==Q));




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