SDL Video Display not working in Simulink (MATLAB Coder Support Package for NVIDIA Jetson and NVIDIA DRIVE Platforms)

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SDL Video Display block doesn't work on Simulink (see screenshot below)
When I deploy it into a NVIDIA Jetson AGX Xavier (from Simulink) it makes the screen complitely black.
I've checked if the SDL Video Display works compiling a code from a MATLAB script (no Simulink), and it works!
How can I make it works also from Simulink? I suppose it's an implementation bug of the Simulink block itself.
Check this video to see the bug behaviour:
Thank you in advance
Paolo Rosettani
Paolo Rosettani on 15 Oct 2022
Edited: Paolo Rosettani on 15 Oct 2022
Is it normal if i've this output?
I've tried with this:
But I've the same issue.

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Answers (1)

Ramakrishna Mandalapu
Ramakrishna Mandalapu on 17 Jan 2023
Edited: Ramakrishna Mandalapu on 17 Jan 2023
Hi Paolo,
Please try the follwing the steps to get rid off the blank screen issue.
on target: Step#1
Get the display environment by running the following command
>> echo $DISPLAY #copy the output of this command
On host: Step#2
hwobj = jetson('IPAddress','username','password');
hwobj.setDisplayEnvironment('localhost:1.0'); % output of the command from target as input to this function.
Step#3: Deploy&Run the model.

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