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How to replace values of a variable in a table (in a cell) with nan?

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Hi all,
I have a 10x1 cell containg 100x32 tables.
I want to:
mycell{5, 1}.myvariable = nan;
which results in:
Error using .
To assign to or create a variable in a table, the number of rows must match the height of the table.
How can I write the code to replace the values of a specified variable with nan?
Can you help please?

Accepted Answer

VBBV on 4 Oct 2022
mycell{5, 1}(1,1).myvariable = nan;
Tomaszzz on 4 Oct 2022
Thanks@VBBV. It results:
Error using ()
Adding rows or variables to a table by an assignment where () or {} subscripting is followed by additional
levels of subscripting is not supported.
The below replace the first row with nan; not sure how to apply it to all rows?
mycell{5, 1}(1,:).myvariable = nan;

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