Displaying sum on plot

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Bozza on 22 Oct 2022
Answered: Paul on 22 Oct 2022
I have a code that creates a plot, and on the plot, I need to display the total sum of the array that makes up the plot. I have the total sum, however, I am just unsure as to how I will display it on the plot using a function like fprintf? The value that is displayed needs to be able to be changed depending on whatever the sum may be.
Note: I cannot upload my code due to copyright reasons.

Accepted Answer

Paul on 22 Oct 2022
Use text
x = rand(10,1); % some data
text(1,.1,"Sum = " + string(sum(x)))
Modify as needed

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 22 Oct 2022
You can text() it into place. Or you could title()
t = "Sum of squares: " + TheSum;


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