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How to call python in matlab?

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slevin Lee
slevin Lee on 26 Oct 2022
Commented: slevin Lee on 26 Oct 2022
I want to use the SymbolicTransformer function of python GPlearn
Like this sentence~
function_set = ['add', 'sub', 'mul', 'div', 'log', 'sqrt', 'abs', 'neg', 'max', 'min']
gp1 = SymbolicTransformer(generations=10, population_size=1000,
hall_of_fame=100, n_components=10,
max_samples=0.9, verbose=1,
random_state=0, n_jobs=3)
How to input in matlab?
Alex Hanes
Alex Hanes on 26 Oct 2022
Look at the documentation: Call Python from MATLAB and the related links. There are Examples that show you how to get started.
slevin Lee
slevin Lee on 26 Oct 2022
I know that matlab can call user-defined py files, but can it call third-party python libraries?

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