When I can get matlab official Matlab for apple silicon native version or beta?

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Dear MathWorks, greetings.
I'm really thankfully using matlab for my research and dissertation writing.
Before buying my new PC as Mac, my experience about matlab was perfectful.
Although Apple launched apple silicon-based Mac 2 years ago, I can't get support MathWorks' support about matlab based on Apple Silicon natively.
So, I want to ask when your company will publish official Matlab for Apple silicon native version or new beta version based on 2022b.
Thank you
Sincerely Yours
Beopsoo Kim

Accepted Answer

Steven Lord
Steven Lord on 27 Oct 2022
As stated on this page "An updated beta based on MATLAB R2022b will be released in the coming weeks."
Please also see this Answers post.
Steven Lord
Steven Lord on 27 Oct 2022
As stated on that first page to which I linked, "If you have any questions about the platform open beta program, please contact MathWorks support." I don't have any more information to share beyond what's on that page.

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