How can I convert a svg file to matrix or image in Matlab?

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I have a .svg file containing the slicing of a model. How can I import and read the slices in Matlab? They are binary slices and I need to loop over each of them to obtain the corresponding matrix. I'd rather not use Exchange functions, but that is not mandatory.

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Accepted Answer

DGM on 4 Nov 2022
If you have raster images embedded in an SVG file, you may be able to extract them something like this:
% filename of svg file
fname = 'multiobject.svg.fakeextension.txt';
% extract image extensions and data from file
% ignore all other objects in the file
str = fileread(fname);
blockinfo = regexp(str,'data:image/(.*?);base64,([^"]*)','tokens');
for k = 1:numel(blockinfo)
% get the info for this image
thisext = blockinfo{k}{1};
thisdata = blockinfo{k}{2};
% decode the image file
thisdata =;
% write the file using the original format extension
fname = sprintf('myextractedfile_%04d.%s',k,thisext);
fid = fopen(fname,'w');
Now all the files can simply be read from disk.
A = imread('myextractedfile_0001.png');
Without knowing what exactly is in the file, I can't know for sure if that's what you need.
Simone Cotta Ramusino
Simone Cotta Ramusino on 6 Nov 2022
Ok, anyway I could adapt it if the svg file changed, fixing the regex syntax I think.
I got it, indeed nothing changes, the "aliasing" is still there, but I think it is inescapable.
Yes, in the end I think I will leave it untouched, so I can use the scaling factor, if necessary.
Thank you very much, you were crystal clear and helped me a lot. I am sorry I was not very precise at first.
Thanks again

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