Parameter estimation in steady state to match measurement data ( for a particular range)

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I am trying to implement parameter estimation for full switching model of EV battery charger and fine tune values of L, C components as well as control loop parameters Kp, Ki. I have 10 cycle steady state measurement data @ 50Hz for input current of actual charger (signal length 0.2 sec)
However, my model simulation has to be done for total of 0.26 sec (13 cycles) to get 10 cycle steady state data, where first 3 cycles are required for the model to stabilize
My question is how I can set the parameter estimation to start at 0.06 sec, i.e after first 3 cycles have passed and do the parameter estimation for next 3-4 cycles. In other words, do the parameter estimation from 0.06 sec to 0.12 sec instead of doing for the whole 10 cycle data.
Sai on 23 Nov 2022
Hi Haroon,
Can you please share the Simulink model or MATLAB code so that I could reproduce the graph and work on it?
Haroon Zafar
Haroon Zafar on 25 Nov 2022
Thanks Sai. I have attached the model and measurement data. That would be great if you can help me figure this out as I have to develope several of these EV models which seems to be impossible without optimization method.

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