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SIMSCAPE MULTIBODY: Apply Forces / Sense velocity of GLOBAL Center of Mass

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Good day everybody,
Basically i need to sense the velocity of the Center of Gravity (CoG) of the system and possibly apply forces directly there. I tried to attach a 6-DoF Joint to the CoG but I haven't yet managed to do it. I cannot understand how to assign the motion of the CoG (sensed with INERTIA SENSOR) to the 6-DoF Joint block. I tried 'de-muxing' the signal but algebraic loops form and there seems to be no solution (Mux/Demux for physical signals - MATLAB Answers - MATLAB Central (
I also tried to follow what discussed in Placing a Joint on a Moving Center of Mass in Simscape Multibody - MATLAB Answers - MATLAB Central ( but as I described above it doen't work for me.
Thank you for your help!

Answers (1)

J Chen
J Chen on 16 Nov 2022
First add a new frame to the Center of Gravity (CoG). Connect a 6 DoF Joint between the new frame to the World Frame.
Specify the motion of the CoG by specifying X Prismatic Primitive - Actuation - Force - Automatically Computed and X Prismatic Primitive - Actuation - Motion - Provided by Input. Do the same for Y and Z. Feed the desired values to the motion inputs through Simulink-PS Converter blocks and specify Filtering in the Input Handling tab (refer to this example




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