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How to obtain speeds in NED coordinate system from the speed and course obtained with matlabMobile from the position sensor of an Android smartphone?

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Thanks in advance.
I need to know the NED speeds from the sensors of a smartphone to implement them in a Kalman Filter. GPS in addition to LLA, returns a single value for speed, heading, and horizontal accuracy.

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Tushar on 11 Sep 2023
Hi Manuel,
I understand that you need the sensor data like GPS, speed, etc. in the North-East-Down (NED) coordinate system, using MATLAB mobile. Refer to the steps listed below:
  • Check MATLAB Support Package for Android Sensors: This enables you to collect sensor data (acceleration, angular velocity, orientation, magnetic field, and GPS sensors) from your mobile Android device.
  • Try the 'Position and Motion' functions-
  • Processing the data received: The data received in 'geodic' coordinates can be transformed to 'NED' coordinates using lla2ned function.
% Data in geodic coordinates
lla0 = [46.017 7.750 1673]; lla = [45.976 7.658 4531];
% Transformed into NED coordinates
xyzNED = lla2ned(lla,lla0,"flat")
xyzNED = 1×3
1.0e+03 * -4.5572 -7.1244 -2.8580
I hope the above steps will help you collect the data in the required format. For more info, refer to the articles below:
  1. Logging Accelerometer Data - An example showing how to manipulate and visualize 'Accelerometer Data'.
  2. Process Logged Sensor Data - An example showing how to plot 'Orientation Data' acquired.
  3. Fitness Trackers using MATLAB mobile - A blog showcasing the workflow of how a group of high school students created a Fitness Tracker app.


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