Simscape Pneumatic Chamber with Control Signal for Initial Pressure

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I am simulating a pneumatic chamber using a single Translational Mechanical Converter. I am happy with behavour of the chamber when connected to the load, and would like to now extend the model and add control of the initial pressure of the chamber. The initial pressure is defined as a workspace variable (in this case 35 bar). Any suggestions of how I can modify the pnuematic network that would permit the initial pressure (at the beginning or end of the stroke) to be varied during the simulation. I have tried a control pressure source, but I only need to change the pressure at the beginning of the stroke and let the pressure evolve (expanding the chamber), not define it through the whole cycle.
I have attached how the pressure changes with the chamber stroke and position, and an image of the TMC model.
Thanks in advance,

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PB75 on 13 Dec 2022
Hi All,
Can anyone help on how to modify the pnuematic network to allow the control the initial pressure in the network, rather than using a workspace variable to define it?
Thanks in advance,


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