MatlabScript for adding Gaussian Noise

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john amoo otoo
john amoo otoo on 30 Nov 2022
Commented: Walter Roberson on 1 Dec 2022
Please I have been able to fix my script but ran into an error. Attached is the script for adding a Gaussian Noise to a signal and extracting the features
%% clear
%% does this signals has any NaNs, if so remove
SteadyStateNoneFaultState = rmmissing(SteadyStateNoneFaultState);
Data3Phase0hmsFaultData = rmmissing(Data3Phase0hmsFaultData);
SSTime = SteadyStateNoneFaultState.Time;
SSNFS = SteadyStateNoneFaultState.SteadyStateNoneFaultState;
DPTime = Data3Phase0hmsFaultData.Time;
DPFD = Data3Phase0hmsFaultData.Data3Phase0hmsFaultData;
%% Feature extraction section
for k=1:level+1
signals = Data3Phase0hmsFaultData;
reqSNR = [15]; %noise in dB
sigEner = norm(signals(:,k))^2; % energy of the signals
noiseEner = sigEner/(10^(reqSNR/10)); % energy of noise to be added
noiseVar = noiseEner/(length(signals)); % variance of noise to be added
ST = sqrt(noiseVar); % std. deviation of noise to be added
noise = ST*randn(size(signals)); % noise
noisySig = signals+noise; % noisy signals
% Plot & Observe the data
title('Noise Signal')
%% Let's observe the FFT power spectrum for differences
feat_fault = getmswtfeat(noisySig,32,16,100000);
>> Noisysig
Unrecognized function or variable 'level'.
Error in Noisysig (line 11)
for k=1:level+1
Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 1 Dec 2022
What difficulty are you encountering with the code you have that you commented out?

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