How to find the histogram of each row vector from 8-by-10000 matrix?

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I have a matrix 8-by-10000, and want to find the histogram of each row matrix (1-by-10000). I have used tis code:
for h=1:K
But using this code; gave me 'hist' as 8-by-1 cell. When I accessed for values, it is showing 'Invalid or deleted object'. How can I get the values and properties of the resultant histogram? Also, in my application number of rows of the matrix may vary, so I cannot take each rows of the given matrix 'u' to different variables.

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the cyclist
the cyclist on 5 Dec 2022
Edited: the cyclist on 5 Dec 2022
The histogram function is primarily for plotting histograms. As described in that documentation, the output you are getting is the object handle to the histogram. The reason for the 'Invalid or deleted object' message is that because you do not create new figures for each histogram, each one is getting overwritten (and therefore deleted) by the prior one.
It sounds like maybe you actually need the histcounts function instead. That should give the values you need. I suggest you carefully read that documentation, to understand the output you'll be getting.

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