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Please help me to give answer my 2 questions

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1. How to connect matlab drive? Please tell me the details.If I connect matlab drive, then can I able to access my matlab files from my phone or any other places where my laptop is in other places? 2. How to add "curve fittung" in my matlab app? I don’t find curve fitting option in my matlab R2022b, but I see the curve fitting option in our class laboratory(R2015 version).

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Jan on 9 Dec 2022
Connecting the Matlab drive is explained here:
If you do not have a licence for the Curve Fitting Toolbox, this feature is not available.
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Jestzer on 9 Dec 2022
Edited: Jestzer on 10 Dec 2022
I second this. Keep in mind that just because you have a license for a toolbox in R2015a/b, does not mean you automatically have access to that toolbox in later releases of MATLAB.

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