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Using Python to run a MATLAB function using MCR without importing the package

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Hello all. I'm aware of the two different ways to comunicate between MATLAB and Python (i.e., using the API and SDK). My question is about neither of them I have a MATLAB function that needs to 3 arguments to run. This function when given the arguements, does some calculations and saves a text file with the results. Since the computers that will run my program don't have MATLAB installed, the use of MCR will be done.
My question is, how can I use this function from Python without importing the package (i.e., compiling the code for python and importing it). I only want to run the function with the arguments specified using the MCR.
I know there could be a way using shell but I'm not familiar with how to do so

Answers (1)

Ashutosh Bajpai
Ashutosh Bajpai on 17 Feb 2023
To run a MATLAB function from Python without importing the package, you can use the subprocess module in Python. The subprocess module allows you to run shell commands, including commands to run a MATLAB function using the MATLAB Compiler Runtime (MCR).
Here's an example of how you can use the subprocess module to run a MATLAB function that takes three arguments and saves a text file:
import subprocess
def run_matlab_function(arg1, arg2, arg3):
command = "path/to/MCR/v90/bin/glnxa64/MATLAB -r 'run_my_function(" + str(arg1) + "," + str(arg2) + "," + str(arg3) + ");exit'", shell=True)
run_matlab_function(1, 2, 3)
In this example, the function run_matlab_function takes three arguments and creates a shell command to run the MATLAB function run_my_function with the specified arguments. The command uses the MCR binary and runs the function in the MATLAB environment. The function is used to run the shell command. The shell=True argument specifies that the command is a shell command.

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