Percentage increase and decrease from two matrices

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Attaching two matrices A1 and B1. I want to calculate the percentage increase and decrease
deltaSignal = (B1 - A1);
percentageDifference = deltaSignal ./ A1;
A1 from B1. Total percentage increase and the total percentage decrease. I have done some part which I am writing here.
Jan on 22 Dec 2022
@Joydeb Saha: How do you define "the percentage of increase of ice" mathematically? The image does not clarify this.
A mathematical definition of "percentage" means: A number of X divided by a number of Y times 100. So what are your X and Y for "total percentage increase and the total percentage decrease".

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Answers (1)

Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 22 Dec 2022
You need to convert the image from RGB values to values on the color bar. See attached demo where I did that for a thermal image.


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