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How to suppress "Warning: ATTR will be removed in a future release" when update( ) MySQL?

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Everytime I use the update( ) function to update a row in a MySQL table, the warning message is displayed
Warning: ATTR will be removed in a future release
My program was updating thousands of rows in a MySQL table, and the warning is displayed thousands of times. As a result, I couldn't see other warning messages or my own prompt message.
What should I do to suppress that warning specifically? Or should I replace update( ) with another function?

Accepted Answer

Luca Ferro
Luca Ferro on 9 Jan 2023
Moved: Steven Lord on 11 Jan 2023
to suppress a specific warning you need to find it's identifier using:
w=warning('query','last'); %store last warning as a 2 field struct (identifier,status)
wid=w.identifier; %store identifier
and then turn it off with:
warning('off',wid); %set warning to off
in a similar fashion you can turn it on again if needed.
For the warning itself i wouldn't worry too much, still you could try to run an update query from matlab instead of using the update function.:
SQLdbconn=database('SQLDatabaseName','username','password'); %make connection to database
query= ['UPDATE table_name SET column1=value WHERE condition']; %create query as string
data=fetch(SQLdbconn,query) %execute update query and fetch results
Luca Ferro
Luca Ferro on 11 Jan 2023
Moved: Steven Lord on 11 Jan 2023
Glad it helped, could you accept my comment as an answer? i've mistakenly written it in the comment section
Simon on 11 Jan 2023
Moved: Steven Lord on 11 Jan 2023
I actually was wanting to do the 'accept', but I couldn't find the button to click.
Could you repost your answer as 'Answer this question?' Thanks.

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