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Will Addon Modules work with all versions of matlab?

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If I buy the modules, will the work with all versions of matlab or are they tied to the product I have installed? I want to buy the hardware modules(matlab coder, verifier, etc.) but I need to make sure they last into the future and I don't have to rebuy them again.

Accepted Answer

Adam on 25 Mar 2015
Toolbox versions only work with a specific version of Matlab so when you upgrade Matlab you also upgrade the toolboxes to work with it. As far as cost I don't know as I have a work license so I don't deal with that.

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George Carlisle
George Carlisle on 25 Mar 2015
That's weird. For the last two version 2014a, 2014b, 2015a I had no option to upgrade. I had to uninstall and reinstall everything.
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Adam on 25 Mar 2015
Well, yes, 'upgrade' was not the most accurately chosen word. I meant you have to get new versions of the toolboxes along with a new version of base Matlab.

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