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Does the large number of input ports of scope block affect?

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Does the large number of input ports for scope block affect?
I have a scope with 8 signals, and I am having difficulty controlling the signals in terms of zooming in and out and watching the signal, as the response is very, very slow, and I do not know the reason.
Note: Even the simulation takes time to complete.
Can someone help me please?

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Divyansh on 27 Feb 2023
Hi Salah,
Generally, the number of input ports of the Scope block doesn't affect the speed of Simulation. However, you can try some of the following steps for a clear display of signals and faster execution of models:
  • Plot every signal in a separate graph. This will help in decluttering your graph and visualizing your signal in a better way.
In the Scope window, click View -> Layout -> Select the layout of the graphs. You can refer to the following image.
  • Use Legend wherever possible. This will help in identifying different signals easily.
  • Using the correct solver will help in speeding up the execution process. Like, in some case choosing a fixed-step solver may be faster compared to discrete-step solver, but it depends upon the model.


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